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Bob Carlson opened Our Vision Recycling in April of 2012, with the vision of changing the recycling industry
by opening a zero cost, ''FREE'' electronic recycling company. Having spent most of his life after getting out
of the Navy in the customer service industry, from early days delivering newspapers, to selling cars and being
a Personal Care Assistant, Bob continually ensures that the customer always come first. 

Bob learned very quickly that offering a FREE service was not an easy sell. After all, who does anything for free?  But, using his uncanny charm and larger than life personality, he started to gain the confidence and trust of his clients.

Soon, clients wanted more. They asked about the data contained on hard drives present in electronics turned in for recycling and what was happening to that data. So, Bob set out to find a partner. He needed someone with a background in Data destruction and recovery and found a young man with all the credentials and nearly 10 years experience in the Data industry. Bob hired Joe Keith and made him an equal partner.

At OVR, our number one priority is peace of mind for our clients. We understand that the biggest concern from our customer is what happens to the information on the hard drives. For this reason, OVR has developed our own personal data destruction system called the D4 System.

The D4 System is made up of 4 steps to ensure proper destruction of client information.

                        Step 1. Data is wiped using D.O.D. Standard 3-wipe pass.
                        Step 2. Each HDD is degaussed using a large electromagnet degaussing machine
                        Step 3. Hard drives are then completely dismantled.
                        Step 4. Finally, they are shredded to ensure 100% data eradication.

No other electronic recycling company in existence today can provide this level of data destruction,
much less do so at no cost to the client. Upon request, each client receives a complete inventory list
of every hard drive destroyed, including the serial number for reference.

Where the Pickup is Always FREE!

Recycling Certifications Provided!  HDD Destruction Records Available on Request.

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