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Free Pickups

Our Vision Recycling is changing the recycling industry by providing free pickups!  There will never be a pickup fee, an inventory fee or a line item fee.  We will pickup any computers, laptops, servers or printers and recycle them for free.  Stereo Equipment (which we must pay to properly dispose of) will be weighed an a charge of .35 cents per pound will be billed to recycle all these items.

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CRT Monitors

Effective October 1, 2014, due to the requirements of our Facility License for Ramsey County, we are no longer accepting CRT Monitors, TV's or Neon Signs, all which contain Leaded Glass.  However, if you have more than 10 of any of these items, special arrangements can and will be made for a direct pick up and drop off at another processing company.  Please contact Bob Carlson or Joe Keith with questions.

Free Disk Wiping

Data Sanitization Standards

The D4 System

Our Vision of a greener future also includes making sure that our customers can believe and trust in our resources.  
Here at Our Vision Recycling we take your data protection seriously.  Our number one priority is peace of mind for our clients.  We understand that the biggest concern from our customers is what happens to the information on their hard drives. For this reason, OVR has developed our own personal data destruction system called the D4 System.

The D4 System is made up of 4 steps to ensure proper destruction of client information.

Step 1. Data is wiped using D.O.D. Standard 3-wipe pass.
Step 2. Each hard drive is degaussed using a large electromagnet degaussing machine.
Step 3. Hard drives are then completely dismantled.
Step 4. Finally, they are shredded to ensure 100% data eradication.

No other electronic recycling company in existence today can provide this level of data destruction, much less do so at no cost to the client. Upon request, each client receives a complete inventory list of every hard drive destroyed, including the serial number for reference.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Data Destruction Records can be provided upon request.

 All hard drives are wiped fulfilling all NISP and D.o.D. 5220.22-M (3-Pass) standards for basic data sanitization.  We wipe all hard drives to this standard with no exceptions. 

 For especially sensitive media requiring more than these standards (i.e. Banking, Accounting, Legal, Political, Medical, etc.), hard drives can be wiped to D.o.D. 5220.28-STD standards, a 7-Pass wipe-over, followed by the final three remaining steps in the D4 system.  This ensures the drive itself, as well as all data previously contained on the drive, is physically destroyed through magnetic degaussing, disassembly and physical shredding.  While this does not allow us to complete Our Vision of reuse and recycle, it is the best way to ensure that the drives cannot be read and that the destruction of high value information is guaranteed.

 This documentation can be provided upon request and/or by emailing us at: OurVision@OurVisionRecycling.com

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